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an image of a home decorated for Spring


Interior Decorating for Spring

Add seasonal finishing touches to your home with our Spring décor ideas.

2023-03-20 10:00:55 By Homebase

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Create The Garden That's Right For You

Get Your Spring Garden Ready

Upgrade your outdoors with these Spring garden ideas.

2022-04-04 14:43:01By Homebase

Decorating Ideas

How to Decorate Your Home Like Your Favourite Celebrities

Taking inspiration from celebrities' homes, we offer some top tips for you to design your ideal home.

2023-02-28 09:52:58By Homebase

kitchen floor tile ideas

Decorating Ideas

Kitchen Floor Tiling Ideas

Practical and stylish in equal measure, these tiled floor ideas are perfect for a kitchen refresh.

2023-01-23 09:53:25 By Homebase